About CID

Crime Investigation Department(CID) of Andhra Pradesh is the premier investigating agency, which has not only the responsibility of investigating into the cases entrusted to CID from the entire state but also ensuring quality investigation with proper scientific temper.

As per PSO 351 of Chapter-3 of APPM Volume-I, Officer of the rank of Additional Director General of Police is the head of the organisation and he has to ensure performance of one of the most vital functions of police, ie., Crime Investigation and Detection of cases in the state. He is directly responsible for efficient functioning of investigation, coordination and supervision of all investigations of CID cases in the State. CID ensures coordination with other States, National Agencies and through them with other countries. The Head of CID shall plan and implement schemes to employ latest advances in Science and Technology in the field of investigation to upgrade investigative skills of Police Officers, to maintain accurate criminal records and intelligence system and to ensure integrity and impartiality in investigation. CID is subject to the general control and supervision of the Director General of Police.

Apart from the basic functions of investigation of specified cases, entrusted by the Government and DGP, CID has the responsibility of planning and implementation of Criminal Intelligence and Crime Analysis to improve the quality of investigation and prosecution, besides prevention of crime in the entire state.

Owing to technology and other factors, the nature of crime has shown shift from traditional property / bodily offences to Economic offences and then continued to expand further into Cyber Crime, Crime against Gender, Drug Trafficking, and Human Trafficking etc. To face the challenges due to the shift in the nature of the crime, keeping the requirements in the functional changes and focus for effective prevention, detection and control of crime, Crime Investigation Department has the following functional wings.

  1. Economic Offences Wing (EOW)
  2. General Offences Wing (GOW)
  3. Cyber Crimes Wing
  4. Women Protection Cell (WPC)
  5. Protection of Civil Rights (PCR)
  6. State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB)

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