Frequently Asked Questions

Can CID take over the investigation of a criminal case registered by the Local Police Station?

Yes,it can, in the following situations 

(i) The State Government makes a request to that effect
(ii) The High Court orders CID to take up such investigations.

Can CID take over the investigation of a criminal case registered by the District Police?

Yes, it can. The concerned district police makes a request to that effect and the DGP of the state instructs CID to take up investigation. Secondly, High Court can also direct CID to take up investigation of a case.

Who exercises supervision over CID?

CID is one of the specialised institutions of the State police and is under the supervision of the Addl.DGP, the head of CID.

What are the Different wings in CID?

From functional point of view, CID has been re-structured into five wings, having jurisdiction over  the entire state, namely, 






Each wing is headed by an officer of the rank of IGP/DIG who is assisted by Ssp/Addl.Ssp.

What work does EOW do ?

This wing is headed by IGP (EOW), who looks after cases relating to Economic offences, FICN ( Fake Indian Currency Notes) and all financial frauds, assisted by SP (EOW) and Addl.SP (EOW).

What work does PCR Wing do ?

This Wing is headed by IGP, PCR, who looks after cases relating to PCR, AD Cell, Narcotic Cell, Human Rights Violations, Custodial Violence and Terrorist & Extremist Crime. He is assisted by the SP, PCR Cell, who will also look after Human Rights Violations and Custodial   Violence and SP AD Cell who will also look after Narcotics, Terrorist and Extremist Crime.

What work does Gender Crime Wing do ?

This Wing is headed by IGP/DIG who looks after cases of WPC. Human Trafficking, AHTU, child abuse cases. The IG is assisted by the SP (WPC).

What work does Cyber Crimes Wing do ?

This wing is headed by IGP(Cyber Crimes)/DIG who looks after the cases of Cyber Crimes, Video Piracy, and Intellectual Property Rights. He is assisted by SP(Cyber Crimes) and Addl.sp (Cyber Crime).

What work does SCRB Wing do ?

This wing is headed by IGP (SCRB), who looks after State Crime Record Bureau (SCRB) & Finger Print Bureau(FPB). He is assisted by SP, SCRB, under whom Addl. SP, SCRB/ PRC, and Director FPB work. The Wing will also deal with Interpol matters.

Can you post some general guidance for approaching CID for registration of crime?

CID does not take up investigation of general and routine nature of crime as the Police forces of the State are meant to investigate such crime. 
Any of the Regional branches/ Head quarters can be approached for providing information about serious economic offences as well as serious special crimes such as drug and human trafficking, fake currency 
As stated above, local Police in the States should be approached for registration of crimes of general and routine nature. This does not mean that they should not be approached for registration of serious offences. It is only meant to say that CID should not be approached for general and routine  offences.

Is it necessary for a person to physically approach a branch of CID providing information/complaint about crime?

CID can be approached by also sending the information/complaint by post, by SMS from a mobile phone, by making a phone call to the concerned Branch, by sending e mails to its officers and by posting the information/complaint on this website.

Is it necessary to mention one's identity for giving information/complaint to CID?

No.CID takes all the necessary care to ensure that identity of such persons is kept secret when a complainant requires it.

What is the conviction rate in criminal cases prosecuted by CID?

The conviction rate is high and it is at par with the best investigation agencies in India.

Why does CID take so much time in investigation of cases?

CID conducts investigations in the most professional manner. It lays great emphasis in use of science and technology during investigations and requires evaluation by forensic experts & other experts.This often takes time. Many cases of CID often require investigation in other states & some times in abroad and hence collection of evidence  depends on many external factors beyond the control of CID.

In addition to above, there is multi-layer supervision in CID. The evidence collected is analyzed threadbare both by executive officers and law officers at multiple levels. Because of all these factors, CID investigations often take time.Of late a great emphasis is being laid in CID to complete investigations at the earliest

Does CID perform any other important function other than investigation of crime?

a. Yes. CID actively organizes training modules in various subjects not only for its own officers but for officers from district police organizations,regional officers, banks about technical issues such as Cyber crimes etc.

What is INTERPOL Cell?

This CID. A.P. Hyderabad has been identified as the Nodal agency for the State of Andhra Pradesh for all matters relating to INTERPOL including initiating Extradition proceedings against an offender who escaped and residing in foreign countries or for taking up request of foreign countries for extradition of the offenders of their countries who are presently residing in the State of  Andhra Pradesh.

Of late, the CID Interpol Cell has been receiving several requests from the unit officers to commence extradition proceedings against the fugitives registered in their cases. The C.I.D., will guide all the Unit Officers in the state for preparation of proper documentation required for commencing  extradition procedure etc. 
The C.I.D. will process the matters relating to issuance of Red Corner Notices, Look Out Circulars and Extradition matters etc.

What is a Red Notice?

It is a notice published by the Interpol Headquarters at France on the request of a member country for tracing a fugitive in a criminal case by all the law enforcement agencies of the member countries. If such a fugitive is traced, the requesting country is informed for taking steps for extradition of the fugitive.

What is a Blue Notice?

The CBI, IP, New Delhi file No. IP-2/44/2012/000932, dt.28-05-2012 informed that IPSG does not publish Red Notice in respect of cases in which subjects are charged only with anti-dowry legislation. Further, they informed that they may initiate process for publication of Blue Notices in such cases. Blue Notices are published for information / location of a person of interest in criminal investigation.

What is a LOC?

The LOC ( Look Out Circular) is  issued by the Joint Director, Immigration, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi. The LOC will be issued where the accused persons is having Passport and  is absconding from Police dragnet, and in order to preclude such accused persons from fleeing the country through Air/Sea/Land Check posts to other countries, their names require to be included in the Look Out Circular.


Extraditions is the surrender of a person desired to be dealt with for crime of which he has been accused by one country to another or convicted and which are justifiable in courts of the other country. The CID has sent the  Extradition proposals to the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi through State Government out of which Extradition proposals have been returned to CID, A.P., Hyderabad.

What is a Nigerian Fraud?

Nigerian Scam is also referred to as "Advance Fee Fraud", "419 Fraud" after aformerly relevant section of the Criminal Code of Nigeria. The perpetrators are West Africans, primarily Nigerians, operating globally from Nigeria and elsewhere. Most 419 emails originate from or are traceable back to Nigeria. However, some originate from other nations, mostly also West African nations such as Ghana, Togo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast ( Cote D'Ivoire) etc.There is no real crime location in online fraud, which raises issues of under which jurisdiction the crime was committed. In most cases the victim and the criminals live in different countries, which mean multiple police forces have to cooperate. This is complicated by the fact that classic 419 havens such as Nigeria or other West African countries have major corruption problems. Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) is in the middle of a civil war and some cities in Nigeria are basically "no go"-areas for the Nigerian federal police.

419 fraud is an industry, that on some estimates makes hundreds of millions of dollars per year. It employs thousands of crooks, who vastly outnumber the police officers who investigate their scams. This is not just a few young guys going to an internet cafe to cheat some foreigners. In many cases, African internet cafes are owned by the gang bosses, who pay young men hourly wages for "working" in 419-sweatshops. These bosses are politically well connected and pay off the right people.

Therefore, don't expect this problem to go away any time soon. Instead, expect it to get worse. To use a classic phrase from Nigeria scams, these scams are almost "100% RISK FREE" for the scammers.