State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB) is formed vide G.O.Ms.No.14 Home (Police-E) Department, dated:08-01-1988. Originally it comprised of State Crime Records Bureau, Finger Prints Breau, Police Computer Services and Police Research Centre. The Police Computer Services (PCS) was bifurcated vide Proceedings Rc.No.215/R2/99, dated:06-07-1999 of the Chief Office. The SCRB subsequently merged with CID under the control of Addl.DGP, CID vide D.O.No.478/99, dt:31-07-1999.

As per PSO No.880 of APPM, the primary function of SCRB is to collect, collate, compile and disseminate information relating to Crime sand Criminals to analyse and formulate conclusions on Crime Trends, Modus Operandi, Areas of Operation etc., so as to help prevention and detection of crimes and to act as a vital proactive catalyst in the entire crime investigation system of State. The present organisational structure of SCRB consists the followign sections as envisaged in PSO No.881 of APPM.

a) Statistical Cell

It deals with collection and compilation of information and statistics under important heads of crime received from all the districts of our State and forward the same to NCRB, New Delhi and other Government agencies. Prepares and disseminates as many as 71 returns / reports in monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually. The data will be utilised for publication of Crime in AP yearly book.

b) Interpol Cell

The CID, AP has been identified as the Nodal agency for the State of Andhra Pradesh for all matters relating to INTERPOL including initiating extradition proceedings against an offender who escaped and residing in foreign countries or for taking up requests of foreign countries for extradition of the offenders of their countries who are presently residing in the State of Andhra Pradesh. Of late, the CID Interpol Cell has been receiving several requests from the unit officers to commence extradition proceedings against the fugitives registered in their cases. The CID will guide all the Unit Officers in the State for preparation of proper documentation required for commence of extradition procedure etc.

The Interpol Cell, CID will process the matters relating to issuance of Red Corner Notices (RCN), Blue Corner Notices (BCN), Look Out Circulars (LOC), Letter Rogatory (LR) and Extradition matters etc

c) Police Research Cell

The functions of PRC are mentioned in PSO Nos.882 & 883 of APPM. PRC is presently tasked to collect and consolidate C&O Sheets of the Districts and preparation of Criminal Intelligence Gazette being published fortnightly. Critical analysis of Court Judgements ended in acquittal in all grave crimes, collection and dissemination of detailed reports on specially grave crimes is also part of entrusted work to PRC for the purpose of crime analysis.

d) Modus Operandi Bureau

The MOB assists in providing information relating to professional Gangs & Criminals to the Investigating Officers for which Dossier Sheets of Districts and Inter State Criminals are updated from time to time.s