A.P C.I.D, Cyber Crimes Alert on Frauds targeting retired govt.personnel- issued by Ministry of Home Affairs.

Threat Summary:

        Fraudsters have started targeting retired Government officers in the context of post-retirement pensions taking advantage of the lockdown restrictions which has led to increased use of online transactions. Fraudster believe that the retired Government officers may not be tech savvy and can be easily cheated.

Modus Operandi:

  1. The fraudsters first gather some basic personal information about the retired officer.
  2. These fraudsters then call the victim in the name of State Government treasury department.
  3. They try to win the confidence of the victim on call by mentioning personal information correctly like date of birth, date of superannuation and last posting held by the officer. (obtained from open sources)
  4. Once they win the confidence of the victim, they seek details like bank account number, password and details of transactions etc., for updating of data pertaining to their pension.


  1. Never share your personal details like Bank account number, password, OTP, and details of transactions with any unknown person/caller.
  2. Do net engage in unnecessary conversations with strangers on telephone.
  3. Try to ascertain the facts from the Government treasury departments either by calling them or by writing a mail/letter.
  4. In case of fraud; matter may be reported to nearest Police station or at www.cybercrime.gov.in



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